Bach Flower Remedies



Are you struggling with your emotions?  Bach Flower Remedies can be a great support.

Developed in the 1930s by Dr Edward Bach, a Harley Street doctor and homeopath, the 38 remedies are prepared naturally from flowers. They are absolutely safe to use alongside other medication (*see note below about alcohol-free remedies) and will support any other treatments you may be having, but also work wonderfully on their own.

In the course of his work, Dr Bach came to the belief that a negative emotional state had a massive effect on wellbeing, and that if the emotions could be supported, then the person was much better able to manage their challenges in life with calm and happiness. The remedies, therefore, are chosen entirely according to your personal emotional state, personality and mood, and only take into account physical symptoms in terms of the effect they have on your emotions. When the emotions are restored to balance, Dr Bach believed, then the body is supported for its own healing mechanisms to work effectively.

The 38 remedies each help support us when we have a certain mood or way of behaving – for example, fear, loneliness, worry, sadness, or difficulty making decisions. (there is a full table of remedies and brief indications  at the bottom of this page). They can therefore support us through all the problems we might face in life – changes such as moving house or having children, stress at work, bereavement, illness…

We do not necessarily all react in the same way to events – some of us might struggle on without complaint, some of us might have given up hope, some of us might feel very alone and afraid. When choosing remedies, it is important to consider how we feel about our circumstances, and that will lead us to the right remedies to help. The remedies can be taken singly or in a mixture of up to 6 or 7 at once.

In a consultation, I will chat with you about how you are feeling at the moment, and in discussion with you, will suggest remedies which may be helpful, and make up a mixture. The initial session takes up to an hour, and follow-up sessions are 30-45 minutes. One of the main goals of consultations is that you will begin to learn about the remedies so that you can use them for yourself without help. A good Bach practitioner loses all their clients! You will be given a mixture bottle of remedies that will last around three weeks. Further consultations, if you require them, will look at what has changed, and whether different remedies will now be helpful, whilst continuing to help you learn about the remedies for yourself.

I can also offer phone or skype consultations, with a remedy mixture posted out to you following the consultation.

The remedies are in liquid form, taken from a dropper bottle. 4 drops of the remedy are taken 4 times a day.

Price: First session - in person or by telephone (up to 1 hour) - £42 including remedies, further sessions (30-45 mins) - £30 including remedies.

If you are happy to choose your own remedies, you can order mixtures direct from the Bach Centre in Oxfordshire, who will post them out to you for around £8.  Call them on 01491 834 678 between 9.30am and 12.30, Mon-Fri.

*The remedies are preserved in a grape alcohol solution. If you have any physical or ethical reasons for avoiding alcohol, I can provide mixtures made with alcohol-free remedies.


"When I first met Roushan and started on the Bach remedies I felt lonely, scared and anxious. I was normally a very confident and happy person and found it difficult to understand what had happened to me and why I felt like I did. Roushan suggested the Bach remedies as something which would help me get back to where I wanted to be. I must admit I was a bit cynical about how such a simple thing could solve what I considered at the time to be the biggest problem I had ever faced, however I thought there was nothing to lose and started seeing Roushan regularly and taking the remedies. To my great relief I found that a combination of the Bach Remedies and Roushan's understanding and logical approach to the way I was feeling started having a positive effect. It took about 3 months [1 consultation and 3 follow ups] and a number of changes to the remedies I was given to really make the difference but the end result is that I have now regained my confidence, feel no anxiety and can generally deal with whatever life throws at me. If you feel anything like I did I would give the Bach remedies a try."

- M, Edinburgh

"Roushan is an excellent therapist and the Bach Flower Remedies she has prescribed for me have been amazingly effective. They have helped to improve my confidence, self-esteem and my life in general in a seemingly effortless way - all I need to do is remember to take the remedies. I highly recommend this therapy."

- Jackie Cohen, Edinburgh






You hide your troubles behind a smile or a mask


 You are afraid or anxious, but can't say why


 You feel critical or intolerant of others


 You can't easily say no to people


 You know what you want to do, but doubt your judgment

 Cherry Plum

 You feel afraid you might lose control

 Chestnut Bud

 You find yourself making the same mistakes


 You find it hard to let go of the people you care about


 You are in a dream, thinking about the future and not the present

 Crab Apple

 You feel unclean or dislike something about yourself


 You feel overwhelmed by all your responsibilities, and not sure you can manage them


 You feel down after a setback


 You've given up, feel there's no point trying


 You feel wrapped up in your own affairs - your talkativeness can lead to loneliness


 You feel wounded, jealous, spiteful, or want revenge


 Your mind is on the past instead of the present


 You put things off, feeling tired at the thought of starting them


 You get impatient and irritated when other people are slow


 You expect to fail and lack confidence in yourself


 You feel shy or afraid or anxious about things


 You feel down or depressed and there doesn't seem to be a reason for it


 You are struggling on past the limits of your strength


 You feel tired after making an effort


 You feel guilty or blame yourself

 Red Chestnut

 You feel anxious about someone else's safety or wellbeing

 Rock Rose

 You feel terror or panic about something

 Rock Water

 You drive yourself hard


 You can't make your mind up

 Star of Bethlehem

 You are suffering from the effects of shock or trauma, or from grief

 Sweet Chestnut

 You feel desperate and that there is nothing you can do


 You get over-enthusiastic about things, and get burned out


 Sometimes you are a tyrant, wanting to lead others


 Other people's ideas can knock you off course, you are unsettled at times of change

 Water Violet

 You like your own company, but sometimes feel lonely

 White Chestnut

 Your mind keeps running over the same thing

 Wild Oat

 You want to do something worthwhile, but can't find your vocation

 Wild Rose

 You can't really be bothered


 You feel resentful and sorry for yourself - things feel unfair

 Rescue Remedy (a mixture of Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens and Star of Bethlehem)

 For times when we feel stressed and nervous, and need to feel calmer