Remote Sessions over the web

EFT ('Tapping') and Somatic Experiencing

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Advantages of web sessions

The internet is an easy and effective medium for offering sessions, and can be a great option if:

  • You want to work with me, but don't live nearby
  • It is difficult for you to leave your home
  • You don't like the thought of having sessions face-to-face

There is the added benefit of having the option of an audio recording of your session that you can listen to and use to practice between sessions.  A recording is only ever made if this is something you would like, and would never be made without your permission.

I can do the sessions via Skype, or via Zoom, neither of which will cost you anything to use at your end.

Are web sessions suitable for you?

Before you book an appointment for a web session, I offer a free 15-minute consultation via Skype in order for us to discuss whether web sessions are right for you.  We can also discuss what issues you would like the sessions to address.  If, after discussion, it seems that in-person sessions are going to be more beneficial for you, I will do my best to direct you to finding a therapist in your local area.  In the first instance, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a consultation.


EFT: 1st session (90 mins) - £85, further sessions (60 mins) - £60

Somatic Experiencing (60 mins) £60

If the fee is not manageable, please contact me about a concession - I'll do my best to offer you something you can afford.  NB, there is unfortunately a waiting list at the moment for reduced-fee sessions.

Skype address: roushan.martens